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01. 0000 – Adrian Von Ziegler Wolf Blood
02. 0306 – Tartalo Music A Dragon Is Born
03. 0705 – Adrian Von Ziegler Home Of Heroes
04. 1139 – Tartalo Music Dragonlance Tales
05. 1530 – Adrian Von Ziegler Prophecy
06. 2104 – Tartalo Music The Unnamed
07. 2120 – Adrian Von Ziegler For The King
08. 2449 – Tartalo Music The Thunder Of Battle
09. 2733 – Adrian Von Ziegler Ancient Storm
10. 3220 – Tartalo Music Land Of Wild
11. 3457 – Adrian Von Ziegler Queen Of The Gaels
12. 3720 – Tartalo Music Avalon
13. 3924 – Adrian Von Ziegler Bua Nó Bás
14. 4306 – Tartalo Music Wild Tribe
15. 4526 – Adrian Von Ziegler Fear No Darkness
16. 4830 – Tartalo Music Through Aran
17. 5204 – Adrian Von Ziegler Ride
18. 5536 – Tartalo Music In Honor Of The Fallen
19. 5848 – Adrian Von Ziegler Victorious
20. 10200 – Tartalo Music The Ballad Of The Dragon

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Artwork by Joseph-C-Knight

►Artwork https://www.deviantart.com/joseph-c-knight/art/Dragon-Slayer-710794695
►Artwork Artist https://www.deviantart.com/joseph-c-knight
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►If you don’t get a response back, then your track was not chosen (sorry).

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Ver este vídeo en Youtube
Todos los derechos corresponden al canal HALLVARD y al artista indicado en la descripción
Visita el canal de HALLVARD

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