«Embrasse Moi À Saint Pétersbourg» | Efisio Cross

"Embrasse Moi À Saint Pétersbourg" | Efisio Cross

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ARTWORK BY : Everton Vila
Instagram : https://bit.ly/2NNBIcd
Website : https://www.evertonvilafotografia.com.br/
Facebook : https://bit.ly/2sKRTjn

Unplash: https://unsplash.com/@evertonvila


Hello everyone!

I hope that you are having a great and healthy January!

I’m very grateful to Jesus to share with you my first orchestral Waltz named «Embrasse-Moi à Saint-Pétersbourg».

The story of it started in the month of November. I’ve been obsessed by a wonderful piece of cinema — the Royal Ballroom scene — from the Disney movie «Cinderella». https://bit.ly/2RCtt46

First of all, the woman archetype of Cinderella is, I believe, my favorite ever from the secular world. She is capable to stay noble and kind in unpleasant situations, through injustice, avoiding corrupting the intense beauty of her noble heart. She already had the essence of what a Queen must be. So when she finally became one, the transition appears so natural for the reader/viewers.

Regarding the title, it refers to the woman I love with all my soul and heart, and the beautiful country she comes from. I have a profound respect for Russia, its literature, its sense of poetry, its architechture, its history, I simply love this country as well as it’s people.

Regarding the technical side of the piece, it took shape after miscellaneous conversation I had with my beloved brother David Chappell and Patrick Herman about a particular string library called «Cinematic Studio Strings». I was arguing that It was not my favorite ever because it sounded too blurry to me. But they did convince me to dig more into it. They were right! I remember that my beloved brother Daniel Beijbom made a wonderful cover of Chopin using it, you can listen to it here : https://bit.ly/2RGWhIs.

Now it’s surely one of my favorite, especially for its magical, intimate and chambery vibes. I know that it’s not common to use a choral in a Waltz, but I wanted to use one however to symbolise the perfection of the Love of Christ in the center of a romantic relationship. I believe Love is complete when the Divine dimension is present as well.

I love you all!

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