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01. 0000 – Audiomachine Redshift
02. 0353 – Heliotrope Music Abadoned Civilization
03. 0632 – Fearless Motivation So What
04. 1146 – End Of Silence From Hell To Glory
05. 1245 – Heliotrope Music Gods Of Tomorrow
06. 1727 – Audiomachine And Then They Came For Me
07. 2027 – Two Steps From Hell Moving Mountains
08. 2329 – Audiomachine So Say We All
09. 2649 – Heliotrope Music Flight Into The Fire
10. 2927 – Fearless Motivation I Refuse
11. 3353 – Twelve Titans Music Monolith
12. 3736 – Heliotrope Music Rise To The Vengeance
13. 4002 – End Of Silence Divebomb
14. 4411 – Fearless Motivation The Power Within
15. 4928 – Heliotrope Music Force And Power
16. 5212 – End Of Silence Blood Moon (feat. Alexa Ray)
17. 5937 – Fearless Motivation Ready
18. 10414 – Twelve Titans Music Bound By Purpose
19. 10725 – Audiomachine Watch The World Burn
20. 11018 – Two Steps From Hell Hypnotica

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Artwork by vidmulia

►Artwork https://www.deviantart.com/vidmulia/art/Ryse-Son-of-Rome-741102991
►Artwork Artist https://www.deviantart.com/vidmulia


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Ver este vídeo en Youtube
Todos los derechos corresponden al canal HALLVARD y al artista indicado en la descripción
Visita el canal de HALLVARD

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