«Hell Shall Perish» | Efisio Cross

"Hell Shall Perish" | Efisio Cross

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I hope that you’re all doing great, friends.

I’m happy to share with you a new piece of music. «Hell Shall Perish» is a musical contemplation of the coming annihilation of hell and death, described in the book of Apocalypse in the Scriptures. One day, those won’t exist, and human life will be restored at it’s fullest, for eternity. This is one of my biggest hope. Death is a reality that really breaks me as well as diseases.

You have two main motifs, and another one in the end. The first one that you can hear at 0: 29 sec represent the coming Judgment of Hell and Death. The second one at 1:00 represent the action of the Judgment. The bridge, at 02:24 represents a focus of the encounter of Death and Christ. The Soprano voices you can hear represents the Eternal Grace of God. The last motif, at 03:46 represents the total victory of the Messiah. The same motif is played with the piano at the end, it represents this time, the huge tragedy of all of this, despite the Victory.

I’m sorry friends, it’s a bit messy, as always. I’m grateful to God for everything. I’m nothing without Him and you all!
God bless,

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