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"Kiss Me Before You Go" | Efisio Cross

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Hello, friends!

I hope that you had all a great summer.

July and August have been really charged. I’m sorry to upload a new music just now. I have also set a Patron page, but I have tons of things to add. You can find there a higher quality of my pieces. (flac and wave formats). I hope to be able to work it soon.

«Kiss Me Before You Go» is a reflection of a contemplation I’m having since couple of years, and even more since I have discovered the book called «Four Love» by C.S Lewis.

When I was younger, multiple times I have confounded passion by love. Both are very similar, but deeply divergent in depth.

Being vulnerable with you, I have found that to love sincerely someone is taking a grand risk. I’ve been broke by it once last year, and after that, I’ve been scared to take the risk again. Nevertheless, I’m not close to it. I must be more careful because one doesn’t know if the person in front of us is attracted by passion, or by love. Only time and a deep knowledge of the other will let one knows this, I suppose.

Beside that, I have discovered the movie «Gatsby the Great» and I have been profoundly moved by it. Despite his corruption, Gatsby holds a sincere love for Daisy. In the opposite, Daisy was simply passionate about him. Passion dies fast. Love stays for ever.

Regarding the construction of the piece, I tried by the grace of Christ a more minimalist approach. Piano, strings and a soft boy’s choir. I’ve been testing some new libraries that I would recommend to you if you’re a composer : Cinematic Studio Strings, and Spitfire Tundra V. They are very good.

I tried to illustrate the dichotomy I mentioned above. The first theme represents the inner beauty of love and passion at their first states. The chorus however represents the suffering of loving.

I wanted, once more to thank all of you. I’m nothing without you and the Lord. Thank you for caring, for helping me in everything I try to do. I love you so much. Thank you for being here.

God bless you.

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