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The Vanquisher of Death | Complete Album | Efisio Cross 「NEOCLASSICAL MUSIC」

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Hello everyone. I hope that you are all doing great! I’m deeply grateful to God to finally be able to present you my third orchestral album, entitled : «The Vanquisher of Death».

It has been an incredible journey which was only possible by the grace of Christ and all of your support and love. On this album, you might get an idea of my feelings during the past few months writing it. I tried to be the most transparent possible.

Overall, this album is dedicated to Nabeel Qureshi, an incredible theologian and teacher which past away last year, the title «Vanquisher of Death» is a tribute to his life. To me, It is a reminder that death is not the end of the road. This life is, I believe, the preparation for the coming one, where all suffering I do believe shall pass.

The sculpture was made by Peter Anton Von Verschaffelt. It fictionally represents the Archangel Michael.

I don’t want to write too many words about each track, but if you do have some questions about the story behind some of them, feel free to ask it in the comment, I will do my best to respond to you!

I would love to thank a lot of divergent people here, which encouraged me, inspired me during the past year and more. Words are missing to express my gratefulness to all of you, I apologies for not be giving enough relevance in my words, but note that I carry you in my soul, and I pray the Lord to be blessing all of you. : Elunyl Cross, Simon Voisin, Kai Rathsack, Anna Carlisle, Jim Thach, Klaudia Wolanski, Michelle Warner, David Chappell, Michael Justin Elliott, Mitch Broom, Joël Dollié, Anthony Ramaherison, Sky Mubs, Alex Moukala, Amadeus Indetzki, Marcel Pfluger, RS Soundtrack, Rachel Nusbaumer, Sandro Schmidt-Boguslaw, Wille Eklöf Naderi, Thomas Bergersen, Aaron Epikus Woodhouse, Lorena Montiel Carrasco, Nathan Whittlesey, Tiago D. Ferreira, Steve Rookie, Daniel Beijbom, Fanou Hope, Magdalena Olos, Danny Ovalle, Alexander Turnbull, Christian Baczyk, Christoffer Hylander, Norman Dü, Liily Jesus Faithful, Trevor DeMaere, Austin K. Yajima, Sasha Pavelchuk, Mirela Magdalena Nita, Tom Gire, Randy Dominguez, Béládi Zoltán, Matteo Andreini, Andreas Resch, and many others which I will tag on the album cover!

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