THEY RULED WORLDS – Chris Haigh | Futuristic Epic Emotional Powerful Orchestral Trailer Music |

THEY RULED WORLDS - Chris Haigh | Futuristic Epic Emotional Powerful Orchestral Trailer Music |

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They Ruled Worlds is an futuristic, epic, hybrid, building electro trailer track. We have made first contact with a superior race and they are here for our world. This track was composed over 9 years ago and is an electro remix of Defender Of Worlds.
Composed for Gothic Storms album ‘Epic Electro Euphoria’
This track is used in the viral Mortal Kombat 9 vs 10 vs 11 Returning Characters Model Comparison video

Hear the orchestral rock version here

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All music composed by Chris Haigh © 2019

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My Music Studio Setup –
RME Fireface 802
PC Windows 8.1 Pro
Intel Core i7 CPU @ 3.00GHz 2.30GHz
64 GB Ram
3 x 1TB SSD drives
2 x 1TB Spinners
Monitors: Adam A7
Keyboard: NI Komplete Kontrol S88
Gibson Les Paul Classic Guitar
Gibson SG Bass Guitar
Westfield Electro Acoustic
Roland TD9 V-Drums
SE Z5600 Condenser Microphone
Cubase Pro

Music Libraries I use –
EWQL Hollywood Strings
8DIO Adagio Strings, Hybrid Tools
Cinematic Studio Strings
Embertone Solo Strings
EWQL Piano
EWQL Hollywood Winds
EWQL Hollywood Brass
Kontakt 5
Heavyocity Gravity, Aeon, Evolve, Damage
Output Signal, REV
Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus RMX
Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Percussion
EWQL Storm Drum 1 & 2
Audio Imperia
Steve Slate Drums
ViR 2 Electri6ity
Sample Logic Cinematic Guitar
Tonehammer Percussion

FX Plugins
QL Spaces Reverb
Valhalla Hall Reverb
Waves R-Verb, Stereo Imager
iZotope Trash 2, Stutter Edit
Native Instruments Replika
NI Guitar Rig
Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Bus Compressor, Tape Machine.

If you like
Gothic Storm
Two Steps From Hell
Immediate Music
Really Slow Motion
Confidential Music
Colossal Trailer Music
Epic Music VN

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