«Yeshua Loves You» | Efisio Cross

"Yeshua Loves You" | Efisio Cross

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Note : This representation of Jesus is just an artistic expression of Him, it was not made to adore the picture or pray on it, as we do not know his apparence so far. Scriptures tells us to not adore icons! Thank you my bros and siss for understanding my vision behind this! Love you all so much!
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Special Artwork Comission : Seiorai

Image Artist: Seiorai
▸ Image Artist: http://seiorai.deviantart.com/
▸ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Seiorai
▸ Tumblr: http://seioraiart.tumblr.com/
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Hello friends !

I’m so happy to talk to you again. This month was particularly busy, trying to bring you some great news my friends!

You have been such an incredible community, since the very start, you guys and God are my reason to make music. I love you all so so much.

I have received, before to travel to Italy those notes, so I wrote them on the piano and let them be on my laptop for weeks. When I finished « When Jesus Saved The World » I decided to re-open the file where those notes where.

After hearing them couple of times, I have felt that I needed to finish it. I’m not responsible for my own music, as it all comes from above. The more I was listening to it, the more I heard a profound and devoted love from Christ to human-beings. The agape love, the one that makes one suffer.

I wanted to keep this one leitmotiv, all along, played by divergent instruments. The last two notes, played in full orchestra describe the highest point of this Love.

I wanted a special artwork to illustrate this composition, but It was tuff to find it to be honest. So I contacted this wonderful artist named « Seiorai ». She accepted to draw a portrait of Christ for me. She did so much effort, friends, especially that she was going through a real painful time with the departure of one of her close being.

Make sure to support her, if you like what she does !
I love you all, thank you for being there for me.
May God bless you, for ever.

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