«Almighty» | Efisio Cross

"Almighty" | Efisio Cross

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Hello friends!
I hope that you are all having a great December start.
I’m very happy, and grateful to God to share with you a new piece of music. This one is called «Almighty». I composed the first notes while I was in trip in Italy. My close brother Elunyl bought me the entire collection of the One Punch Man saga and I simply fell in love with it. I’m sure they will write awesome stories in the future.

At first, «Almighty» was a piano ballad, but after reading One Punch Man, I wanted to illustrate the incarnation of God into a human body. The fictional character Saitama inspired me to write that whole electronic side of the track. It represents the human side of the contemplation. The choirs, strings, horns represents the divine.

You have two themes, the victorious one, which you can hear at the very start of the cue. The second one is a more melancholic one. Despite the grandeur of God, I wanted to express the inherent sadness of his heart.

The artwork was made by the super-talented AR-UA. I’m really touched to have the permission to illustrate the track with such beautiful art! You can follow the artist on the links down below.

AR-UA links :
Coloring Artist /Freelancer Artist

I wanted to thank my brothers in arms, which always support me and give me good advice for music in general. Lion’s Heart Production, David Chappell, Sham Stalin, Dominik A. Hecker, Sybrid, Alex Moukala and many others.

I also wanted to thank you bros n siss for being there for me. I love you so much. It’s a path we live together.
May Jesus protects you and bless you all.
At your service,

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