«If You Fall I Will Carry You» | Efisio Cross

"If You Fall I Will Carry You" | Efisio Cross

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Hello friends!

I’m very happy to share with you again. I’m grateful to God for this moment, and all the others, despite the sadness and grief, I hold on Him. To add to this, knowing that you friends are here — even tho we might think differently — warms my heart to tears.

I hope that you had a great starting month anyway. I’ve been exhausted by all the celebrations lately! Even thought I like them.

I’ve been feeling quiet down those past months, for divergent reasons. I was listening to the ideas I have written couple of weeks ago, to see if I could do something with one of them. And this one poped out. I prayed to Christ to help me to finish this cue totally.

It illustrates what I’m going through, in my spiritual life. Sometimes you are so scared to fall, especially when you have no forces, or when the pain/sadness is too heavy, knowing that the Lord has been so good to you.

The idea of the title came from this passage of the Psalm 123 : « He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber.» God cares and knows that I’m weak.

I felt like to write what came to my heart, coming from Him «If You Fall, I Will Carry You». Not because how good I am, but because of how awesome He is.

So, It’s an orchestration about hope, if one believes, when one is down, one should look over Him, no matter what until His rescues comes.

About the construction of the piece, you have two mains motifs as most of my compositions.

The first one that you can here at : 0:28 represents the path one walks with God, it has a building tension, still in minor to illustrate the fragility of a human heart. The choice of the Sopranos represents the fragility.

The second theme is the «Rescue» one. At 1:01, It arrives orchestrated, with, in the first part the child choirs which represents the innocence of God’s heart, the second half is built with more powerful voices, which represents his Omnipotence. The rest is a fusion of the two. God helps you in your walk.

Sorry, it’s a bit messy, but I’m sure you can catch a bit of what I’m trying to express!

I love you all!
God bless!

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