«Invincible Messiah» | Efisio Cross

"Invincible Messiah" | Efisio Cross

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Hello friends!

I have missed you very much. I hope that everyone of you are doing great! This month was pretty charged, both in study and music. I’ve been working a lot on an article I’m currently writing for my blog — which is about metaphysics and the existence of God. I have the true privilege to have awesome atheist friends, and agnostic ones, so we exchange a lot and we all ask questions about our beliefs, so I have decided to put it in words on my blog. It will be in french, maybe I will translate it later? It depends on the time I have.

As said earlier, I have missed you a lot. I’m so happy to have you friends on the channel. I try to respond to all of you. It’s my time to say again how much I love you fam.

This cue is very special, from two perspective, the spiritual one and the structural one. I have tried another approach regarding its construction.

This time, the contemplation was the «Force», of the Messiah. According to biblical eschatology, Christ will come back on earth, and will establish peace for the world. It is more or less the contemplation of the cue. In the book of Luke, the chapter twenty-one, in the verse twenty-seven illustrates what I’m trying to express : «Then everyone will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with power and great glory.»

Love you all!

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